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Where is the green and sustainable development of paper and packaging industry?

On February 22, China paper association and China press and publication media group co., LTD jointly sponsored the China paper sustainable development BBS and "China paper industry sustainable development white paper" launch ceremony was held in Beijing. BBS blockbuster dialogue link, a professor at south China university of technology, Chinese academy of engineering ke-fu Chen, one of the founders of cleaner production in China, the Chinese academy of engineering Duan Ning, vice executive director of the China papermaking society Cao Zhenlei, standing vice President and secretary-general of China packaging federation yue-zhong wang, secretary general of the China paper association Qian Yi, nine dragons paper holdings co., LTD., chairman zhang, dongguan Huang Shijin hui paper co., LTD., chairman of the board were these heavyweight scholars and entrepreneurs from packaging, paper industry, for the development of packaging industry in our country, function and contribution of paper, The paper industry raw material and the paper industry environmental protection management, the clean production and so on question carried on the subject dialogue.

The following is the full text of the dialogue:

Theme dialogue 2: green and packaging

Cao zhenlei, executive vice President of China paper association: good morning, everyone. Our topic in the second half is green packaging. We invited leading academics and entrepreneurs from the packaging and paper industries. Now we host the link of the blockbuster guest, professor of south China university of technology, China academy of engineering, Mr Ke-fu Chen, one of the founders of cleaner production in China, the Chinese academy of engineering, Mr Duan Ning China packaging federation and secretary general Mr Yue-zhong wang, deputy executive director of the China paper association secretary general Mr Qian Yi, nine dragons paper holdings co., LTD., chairman of ms zhang, dongguan Huang Shijin Mr Hui paper co., LTD., chairman of the board were.

Today's topic is green and packaging, packaging industry since the reform and opening up, rapid rise. In production, circulation, consumption, packaging and our macroeconomic is closely linked, especially with the sustained growth of our economy, in recent years, the phone business economy, as well as the rapid development of the express industry, our packaging industry has brought a great impact. Since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, the packaging industry has undergone earth-shaking changes, with highs and lows.

Yue-zhong wang: thank you host, I make a brief introduction of packaging industry, packaging industry in our country actually to form an independent industry began in 1980, at that time was first founded in light ministry of national defense technology association, 1979 young ministry to the state economic commission later wrote a letter and hope to be able to set up in the comprehensive economic management organization and packing work system, so we from BaJi was established. At that time, all of us old scientists knew the price of first-class products, second-class packaging and third-class products. It was to solve this problem that we set up the packaging management organization. After the first ten years of development, we basically governance packing damage, then the second decade of the ninety s to the 2000 is a high-speed development period, through the introduction of digestion and absorption, through the research to improve production capacity, improve labor efficiency, make the packaging industry of our country can completely meet the needs of national economic development. This is our second decade. Since 2000, in fact, in the mid to late 1990s, when it was called China packaging technology association, it has found and realized that some packaging products have excessive phenomenon. Then from 2000 to now, we in addition to the healthy development, the key work is superb, starting from the governance packing damage to the regulation of excessive packaging, has the certain difficulty for packaging industry, we are the development at full speed before, now want to governance, green development, so the current management work have been slow to meet the requirements of the central committee of the state council and all of us consumers, we will continue the efforts. In addition, I would like to briefly introduce the size of the packaging industry. When it was founded in 1980, it was estimated to be 7.6 billion yuan.

There to say we haven't a packaging and printing data statistics, because the packaging and printing returned to the press and publication, such as data come out later we have to add up, in theory, packaging industry and paper making are different, our concentration is low, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) an industry, so not many big enterprises, statistics there is a gap. According to an industry survey conducted by the national bureau of statistics, the figure is 1.75 trillion yuan, which is 15 years.

In 2016, the ministry of commerce and the ministry of industry and information technology issued us a guideline on transformation and upgrading, requiring us to reach 2.5 trillion yuan by 2020. From what we have been tracking over the past few years, it should be no problem to reach 2.5 trillion yuan by 2020. Because we here have a very good, is it in the appreciation of the factors that can help us to finish the task, but generally with the changing of our international economic and trade situation, there are some changes in the internal management in our country, so the packaging industry for 17 years, 18 years development speed is very slow. It is not negative growth, but it has dropped from 20 or 15 percent at the beginning to within a single digit.

In addition, you should be very concerned about the paper packaging, we have a statistics for your reference. At the end of the 18th year, the number of paper and cardboard containers was 291.907 billion yuan. Paper packaging accounts for a third of our packaging industry, that is to say 900 billion words, it has 300 billion, the structure has basically not changed. I think the development of paper packaging and paper industry development is good.

In addition, I can also publish the detailed data of the paper packaging industry. As I have said, its main business income is 290 billion yuan, so its profit is 14.821 billion yuan, and the profit margin is about 5%.

As for the relationship between paper making and our paper packaging, I think it is unnecessary to say that paper is the upstream. Through the market operation of 17 and 18, we find that the price of paper industry is unstable. For packaging industry, we emphasize the paper the problems of high price and low, high is high, low is low, but packaging industry hopes the price of pulp and paper industry can be relatively stable, to ensure the healthy development of paper industry, our paper industry development, the paper especially packing paper, I believe that tomorrow will be better, thank you.

Cao zhenlei: ok, thank you, President wang. President wang reviewed the development course of packaging industry in the past decades and introduced the position of paper packaging industry in the whole packaging system. It should be said that everyone can feel the ubiquitous paper packaging, paper packaging industry as one third of the world, what kind of role in the packaging industry? What are the contributions to the national economy? We would like to invite secretary general qian yi of China paper association to give us a solution.

Qian yi: I will follow up the topic of President wang and introduce the paper packaging first. There are many kinds of paper packaging. In addition to the cartons, paper bags and paper boxes we usually use, there are many other kinds of paper packaging, such as the boxes, envelopes and book covers of some eye drops we use, which are all counted as paper packaging. There are also some large packing boxes for cars and motorcycles, and the paper core inside the industrial rolling material also belongs to paper packaging. In addition, there are some special paper packaging, such as parchment, cellophane, and some industrial rust-proof paper, oil-proof paper, so the variety is very much.

Products of China's papermaking association classified statistics, in 2017, production of packaging paper is 68.5 million tons, there are quite a number of statistics is not inside, like through printing again into packaging products, such as handbags, some handbag is made of glossy paper to, and some gift wrapping paper and so on, many varieties have been printed. If you add these varieties, we use more than 70 million tons of wrapping paper every year.

Paper packaging is not only cheap, can be recycled, more importantly, it will not affect the environment, but also shock absorption, folding, light, in addition, it can be in the packaging line with this kind of automated packaging to use cartons, which is difficult to replace other packaging.

As mentioned above, if there is no carton, what will be the impact on the economy? If we do not have carton packaging one day, the mechanical and electrical products, light textile products, agricultural products made in China will not be able to leave the factory, there is no way to transport, there is no way to go to the world through One Belt And One Road. So from this point of view, paper packaging, especially carton packaging in the economy, it plays a role of red blood cells, is a very important product. I remember that I read two reports in 2014, one from the United Nations and the other from the environmental development agency. Both of them made some detailed studies on cartons. According to the report, since we invented the carton box, the earth has reduced the loss of 3 billion tons of grain in transportation and storage every year, which is quite amazing. The unced report also cited a number of factors, such as the contribution of cartons to reduce waste and increase food production, as well as the exchange of goods around the world, which play an important role in reducing poverty and improving the environment.

Of the 70 million tons of packaging paper we just mentioned, the output of cartons is about 50 million tons of the materials we use for cartons, and the national output of our corrugated cartons is also close to 50 million tons. What is the concept of 50 million tons? In 2017, the postal service counted 40 billion packages, including 13.5 billion or 14 billion cartons. We have calculated and also investigated the average weight and size of the cartons. There are nearly several hundred thousand tons of value, less than one million tons, which accounts for a few percent compared with 50 million tons. This is why we need to accumulate the 50 million tons used by all industries. In addition, we talked about the contribution to the economy. China is both an agricultural country and an industrial country. Every year, we use packaging cartons, instructions and labels for these products, which are about 30 million tons.

Finally, paper packaging is a green packaging, paper from the plant fiber, so how did the plant fiber? Carbon dioxide in the air and water through the chlorophyll synthesis of cellulose, lignin, and finally we make it into paper, the source of this product is green.

Cao zhenlei: thank you, secretary general qian. Paper packaging is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable without any impact on the environment. As for paper packaging enterprises, what are their requirements on the quantity and quality of packaging paper? Please welcome chairman huang, who is responsible for packaging products, to give us an introduction.

Huang shengxiong: ok, thank you. I am the chairman of the board of huangshijinhui paper industry in dongguan, guangdong. Our company is an overseas company, but we have been established in China for more than 30 years. The company focuses on the production of domestic carton and cardboard products, serving light industrial products, such as household appliances, clothing, food, daily necessities and so on. Although we are a foreign-funded enterprise, we have always had the right to import. In the early 1990s, most of the domestic packaging enterprises were dominated by imported paper. Since the late 1990s, with the rapid development of domestic packaging paper manufacturers represented by nine dragons, over 95% of our raw materials have been purchased in China in the past decade. There are two main reasons. One is that the quality of domestic paper is relatively good, which can completely replace imported paper and meet our needs. Nine dragons has a complete range of varieties and can also provide us with one-stop fast service. The 2nd it is we buy homebred paper to be able to reduce capital to take up, help reduce cost. However, since the second half of 2017, there has been a shortage of raw materials in the market, and the price of finished products has fluctuated greatly, which has caused great confusion to our packaging enterprises and also affected the normal delivery date for our customers. We are very concerned and concerned about this situation. As a packaging enterprise, we really hope that the upstream and downstream can maintain a stable and healthy state of development.

Cao zhenlei: chairman huang introduced their company's main business and their use of domestic paper. Of course, he also raised such concerns about market fluctuations. Chairman zhang of nine dragons is also there. I think chairman zhang should be more concerned about such market fluctuations than we are.

Zhang Yin: thank you! When it comes to market fluctuations, prices are actually going up. The first reason is that the economy in our country is doing well, so prices will be affected. The second is the import of waste paper reduction, resulting in a shortage of raw materials, paper raw materials to reduce. As far as the present situation is concerned, I have calculated that if a peddler receives hundreds of thousands of tons of waste paper, he can raise a family. Therefore, there is no waste paper outside, which is more expensive than vegetables. The price has soared, so has the cost. What's more important is that our industry has experienced periodic deviations in the past year, which is also due to the problem of raw materials. In order to solve the problem of the shortage of raw materials, the paper industry last year really think a lot of ways, such as increasing domestic procurement, just three years ago, our national waste in developed provinces can only receive 20-30%, most of the imports, but now has increased to 50%, the change is very big, but the gap is still large. Imported waste paper is not only a matter of quantity, but also of quality. From the quality point of view, such as the United States waste, it is high quality, high fiber, good quality, national waste cycle too many times, the fiber is very short, the paper made more crisp and soft. Therefore, to make a good paper requires the industry's own innovation, advanced equipment and technology, as well as the quality of raw materials, which are three important aspects. We are also trying to go out and set up factories in the United States to process raw materials. However, the packaging required by such a huge population of 1.3 billion people cannot be completely solved by building more factories. Because of the high price, we also adopted wood powder in the industry last year, but the quality requirements are not up to. I am very worried, especially in the second half of last year, the country proposed to ban the import of waste paper by the end of 2020. Now the paper packaging in the global, it can be said that the basic balance of each country, there is no larger quantity to support us, so this is very worried.

Every aspect of the packaging of all our daily necessities, national products and export products are inseparable from this paper. Therefore, we also hope to suggest that the country should have a certain proportion to ensure a certain quantity and supply to the industry, so that the supply and demand can be basically balanced, and the price will not fluctuate greatly and often, which is what we are willing to see. Ok, thanks.

Cao zhenlei: thank you. The reason for the fluctuation of paper price last year is very clear to everyone. Raw material is a strategic resource, it directly affects the country's paper development, in some developed countries basically use more than 60%, then in China use more than 70%. As China is the largest producer and consumer of raw materials, our situation is very worrying. We would like to invite academician Chen of the Chinese academy of engineering to give us some Suggestions on the diversification of raw materials.

Chen kefu: from today's white paper release meeting I also see that the papermaking industry has been in the papermaking industry and papermaking authorities under the efforts of the stable development of green, forming a green industry. Speak of 92 years of time, we make paper at that time is to talk about paper color change, mention paper is pollution. What is the status of the paper mill now? This is attributed to industry innovation, but in retrospect, our raw materials are in serious shortage. As can be seen from the white paper, our dependence on imported raw materials is very high. People say that our country is so big and has a lot of wood to use. In fact, our country is also nervous about wood



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