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Automatic packaging production line -- a necessary way for packaging enterprises

Automatic packaging production line

The concept of intelligent manufacturing is sweeping the world like a gust of wind. The backward industrial structure and the rising production cost squeeze the living space of the traditional manufacturing industry and urge it to get rid of the previous manufacturing mode and upgrade from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. In the process of upgrading, it is the general trend to build intelligent factories and make packaging industry with wisdom.

1. The automatic packaging production line is flexible and can realize diversified demands;

2. Improve production efficiency and save operation time;

3. Achieve the stability of packaging quality;

An automated production line reduces labor costs relative to the tireless work of a large number of skilled workers.

What is a smart factory? The difficulties faced by various industries in the development of manufacturing industry are different, and the smart factories need to be built are also different. But overall, smart factories have the following five significant characteristics:

1. Close interconnection of equipment.

In an intelligent factory, there is an interconnection between devices. Through the integration of the control system and the real-time monitoring of the production status of various data acquisition and monitoring systems, the production information can be collected to achieve the traceability of the production process.

Industrial software is widely used.

Using industrial software, such as manufacturing execution system, energy management, quality management, etc., to realize the visualization and transparency of the production site. Ensure that the production process, reasonable plant structure, and gradually promote the factory digitization, automation, safety.

3. Efficient and lean production.

In the production process, it is necessary to fully reflect the efficiency results, reduce the production complexity, realize the order driven production, reduce the production inventory, and alleviate the production waste status. Combine product features and equipment to promote efficient and lean production.

4. Realize flexible automatic production.

Relying on the characteristics of the industry, the organization of personnel to continuously improve the automation of the production process. Combined with the production characteristics of the product, eliminate the redundant and useless loss. A unified information control system and an automatic material storage and transportation system are used to connect the processing of various workpieces in the factory, so as to realize the flexible automation unification of management, production and software.

Implement green manufacturing goals.

In the production process can timely acquisition of equipment and production line energy consumption, energy efficiency. Rely on machines instead of human to reduce pollution and danger, to achieve the recovery and reuse of production waste, implement the sustainable goal.

With the vision of "creating with ingenuity and enjoying with wisdom", zhongke tiangong keeps improving its industrial intelligent technology. Relying on the brand advantage and technology precipitation, CST tiangong is committed to intelligent packaging machine industry substitution, information technology, process optimization, intelligent production, cost control of intelligent factory building, 3 c, respectively, high-end wine boxes, fine tobacco package bag, luxury packaging industry such as customers and factories upstream and downstream industry chain to build intelligence, and a strategic partner.

Under the current background, automation and intellectualization have become an important means to control operating costs, improve product quality and ensure product safety. The use of automatic packaging production line reduces the production cost, increases the company's products, improves the company's profits, and makes the company's products more competitive in the market.



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